Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tiny Treasure No. 15

I like to call this one Little Lamby. It's a plastic figurine of a lamb on a piece of notebook paper. So, I took some time to reflect today on the last few months. I think that this 365 project has taught me a lot of things. This is what I discovered: First of all, painting everyday is pretty reasonable. Getting a painting done everyday is not easy at all. As a mom and a business woman, there are things that sometimes just can't wait (proctoring at my children's school last week for three days, for example.) However, having that commitment to producing a painting a day allowed me to not feel guilty about painting and making it a priority which is also something I really needed. When I felt like I was required to post every day or else, painting was more important than other things like cleaning. Also, painting every day did hone my skills and I like a lot of the paintings that I was making, while I feel a little rusty right now. However, I don't like feeling limited by time to either give up on a painting and call it finished when I don't love it, or to pick simple subjects knowing that their paintings are more manageable to complete in a short amount of time. What does this mean? I need to give more time to my art, and stay committed to painting every day, but sometimes, I may need two or even three days on a single painting to make it what it really needs to be. And sometimes, I will have a day that produces a crummy painting (which is really ok!) and sometimes, I will get to take my kids to Disney (yes, we are going in about two weeks) and I won't be painting. So, you may not see a painting posted every day, but I am still going to post 365 paintings - at least!

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  1. Amen to it all. It's so easy to let the art slide in favor of life things, but we artsy types are just easier to be around in general when we get time to create.

    But don't let paint guilt keep you from enjoying your time away.