Friday, October 7, 2011

Carolina Yard Birds


Detail of Carolina Yard Birds
Here is my entry in the Southern Menagerie Show sponsored by the VAE and Junior League. If chosen, it will be shown during the Shopping Spree which is a very well attended shopping event. It's a departure from my series because of the theme. So, now back to my Origami series!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Origami No. 4, Ascension

This is the fourth painting in Origami series, titled Ascension. I have really enjoyed these origami paintings as I find them peaceful and I enjoy the subtlety of the differences in the white paper as the light hits it. In this painting I tried my hand at the gold leafing again and chose to make it part of the cloud. I have been wanting to explore clouds and skies as a subject matter for my paintings for some time now, so don't be surprised to see that as the next theme for the next series of 21. I have 17 more origami paintings to go though, so that comes first! Please let me know what you think of my paintings. I love to hear from you! Tomorrow, I will share my entry into the Southern Menagerie show.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oxidation and Folded Show at the Halle


So I promised some pictures from the Oxidation and Folded shows both at the Halle Cultural Arts Center through the end of October. Here are some pics from the reception that took place last Friday evening. Above, friends admire three of the five pieces I showcased in the Folded show.

Here is a photo of Debra Rubin and Emily Rubin Malpass with their work in the Folded Show. Debra's beautiful mobiles with origami cranes and boats were a wonderful three dimensional addition to Emily's and my paintings. They were so delicate and organic as they were presented hanging from branches. Emily's feminine and peaceful paintings had wonderful details like the impossibly small folded cranes sewn into the canvases.  
 My boys in the Spotlight Gallery at the reception. Tomorrow, I will unveil Origami No. 4, Ascension. This is the fifth piece I placed in the Folded show. I love it, and the way the gold leafing worked in this one. But you have to wait until tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Origami No. 3, Leaves

 Wow! I have had a busy couple of weeks, so I have gotten a little behind on my blog. That means lots of new posts and pictures for you!! This is my entry for the juried Oxidation show at the Halle Cultural Art Center which will be open for the until the 28th of October. The reception for the show was last Friday and it was a great opportunity to meet other local artists. I was blessed to be asked by a friend to join her in a show in the spotlight gallery at Halle and we were excited to speak to visitors on the reception night about our work. Emily creates beautiful pottery, and also paints these beautiful serene paintings which have tiny origami cranes sewn into the canvas. Her mom, Debra Rubin creates gorgeous origami mobiles. The three different approaches in origami all compliment each other very well. I will post photos of the show in my next blog entry...tomorrow!