Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oxidation and Folded Show at the Halle


So I promised some pictures from the Oxidation and Folded shows both at the Halle Cultural Arts Center through the end of October. Here are some pics from the reception that took place last Friday evening. Above, friends admire three of the five pieces I showcased in the Folded show.

Here is a photo of Debra Rubin and Emily Rubin Malpass with their work in the Folded Show. Debra's beautiful mobiles with origami cranes and boats were a wonderful three dimensional addition to Emily's and my paintings. They were so delicate and organic as they were presented hanging from branches. Emily's feminine and peaceful paintings had wonderful details like the impossibly small folded cranes sewn into the canvases.  
 My boys in the Spotlight Gallery at the reception. Tomorrow, I will unveil Origami No. 4, Ascension. This is the fifth piece I placed in the Folded show. I love it, and the way the gold leafing worked in this one. But you have to wait until tomorrow!

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