Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Welcome 2012!

 Hey Andie, whatcha been up to? Uh....logos, and watercolors and mommy stuff. Oh my! Here is a visual tour through the last couple of months. 

 These are the three sizes of pendants that I have been working on. I am truly in love with the tiny pebble ones. I like that the pebbles are imperfect and weirdly shaped. They are the most challenging to solder though. To make the solder look somewhat smooth in the back is quite a process and if I do it too long, the heat of the iron will burn the painting, and I have to trash it. Yikes!

I have also been working on some graphic design projects for our church. One was a graphic that was used at Christmas and Advent, there is also an identity project for the family ministries department of our church which will be unveiled to you in a future post. They are finished, but I want to make sure they can unveil them first.

Here is a project that I created for my family for Christmas presents. That kept me pretty busy for a while, but now I also offer it on my shop!

We had a great Christmas and New Years too, and now I feel re-energized to create new pieces for the spring! I am trying to figure out how to Twitter better, and updating my website all the time. Also, a new identity for my Etsy shop has been started! My shop name is This Little Pigment. Check out how it has grown!

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