Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Website!!!

Well, It's not a new URL...just visit the one you might have before: and you will see a bright and shiny new site. I have changed everything. My brand is getting streamlined to present my fine art in a consistent way across all the sites on which it appears. You may have noticed a slightly different blog header as part of this process, and shortly there will be a new header for the Etsy shop as well. I have recently cataloged my work so that I can keep track of creation dates and ownership of paintings that have been sold. I am using a very awesome program called Bento and part of the reason I purchased this program is that it also has a way to create mailing lists and other helpful management for creative types like moi. So, I am compiling a mailing list to send an occasional digital newsletter to and also postcards to announce upcoming shows and new work. Yes, that one is a real, snail mail, beautiful, four color postcard. Please join my mailing list by sending me a quick email! You may send me an email at, or, or go to my site and use the contact page. Any way I will get it!! New work will be around the corner!!

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