Monday, June 6, 2011

Tiny Treasure No. 17 Fortune or Folly

Wow! I am so grateful for the handful of people that are taking the time to follow me!!! You have no idea how much it matters to me! So, over the last couple of weeks we have camped, gone to Disney and I have participated in two really awesome workshops!!!! I am still in the midst of one (it's twice a week for two weeks.) This getting out of the house has really helped me to focus emotionally on my work, and today I got back into painting. I am also working on a brand new revamp of my website and blog. So exciting!

Here is Tiny Treasure No. 17, Fortune or Folly. I find the red very dramatic and mysterious. I think as a matter of fact that the fortune cookie will be my subject again tomorrow but in a very different painting. I look forward to my show and tell!!!!

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