Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sometimes you just have to scrawl

Inspired by Artful Blogging, I started a notebook dedicated to sketches that were just for creativity's sake. No agenda. No product in mind. Just a place to create without judgment. This little doggie is one of my entries from last year. I found a photo of a dog in an ad and really wanted to use it as reference material for a sketch. That is my real handwriting. I even have a hard time reading it most days. Really, ask my husband... he thinks it is quite funny! The words are from some of my favorite songs. I am very inspired by music, but  probably don't listen to it enough. The first song is Fearless by Pink Floyd. It is very inspirational to me, about the struggle we all face when facing our dreams. The other is a CSN song, Daylight Again. The line "Daylight again, following me to bed," resonates with me for all the sleepless nights I have spent (but don't that much any more.)

I hope you reach for your dreams fearlessly today.