Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tiny Treasure No. 8 finished

So here it is! Tiny Treasure No. 8. I am quite pleased with it, although I can always find something I want to improve. However, I really like to juxtapose items together to make an interesting composition. I have been in love with old photos for so long. I started gathering them when I was about 10. I am intrigued by photos of people I don't know that have passed. I like to dream about who they were, where they lived, how their lives passed. When we have gotten old, we have the benefit of knowing how the story played out, but when these photos are taken, the subjects are yet to know their fate in this world. To me, old photos capture this odd innocence and I am intrigued by their story. I hope you will be too. 


  1. Great painting. I have a tremendous stash of old photos too. I love imagining the lives those people led.