Friday, March 25, 2011

Tiny Treasure No. 8 WIP

This is really a work in progress! I wanted to do a painting with several pieces and so this one may take a little longer and I don't want to rush it. Below you can see my set up for the painting. The background will have a textural wall feel, like old, peeling paint. The treasures are some of my favorite ephemera that I just love and a shell and piece of sea glass. I hope to do more paintings like this as a grouping, but I guess I should see how this one goes first! I don't usually sketch in pencil, but usually sketch my preliminary sketch in paint. Today I felt I needed to sketch in pencil so I could get my lines straight and drawing a Bison is not my strong suit, so I needed to sketch it out several times before I was satisfied with the rough. Hopefully I will have time to at least work on this one tomorrow! Maybe even finish it? 
Here's the set up for the painting:

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