Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tiny Treasures No. 1

YAY! A new series! I have been looking forward to starting this series since Fruit No. 3!!! Not that I didn't love the fruit and eggs, I did. This is a wide open still life series. I plan to attack some treasures like Matchbox cars and Lego men, skeleton keys and oh, I guess you have to wait to find out what else! Today I painted a card with three mother-of-pearl buttons attached. The card it is based on is framed in a shadow box and we bought it a while back for my oldest son's nursery. It is simple and soft and feminine and white on white. I chose to make the background a dark bluish gray color, although I am also thinking of attacking it again with a lighter background down the road. Can't wait to see what I will paint tomorrow!!!

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