Sunday, December 6, 2009

Okay, so I am brand new to this blogging thing, and not quite sure how to start. I'll start like this... I am a mom, an artist and an entrepeneur. I have started a couple little businesses, and some of them have evolved. I am a graphic designer (biz... wowhouse creative) and I've created art for kids (also wowhouse creative studio) that were sold through Posh Tots and other sites. Also was the owner/publisher of a family magazine with my hubby (Palmetto Parent... my baby) and I create fine art and portraits. Visit my site: I create illustrations for childrens' literature (working on a book right now that I makes me really proud!) Visit my site: www.andiefreemanillustration. And my earlier biz wowhouse creative studio has evolved into my new Etsy enterprise,

So, is that enough info about me? I will be highlighting cool businesses I admire in my blog and products that are cool. I will give you a glimpse behind my sketchbook pages and I'll share stories of my life as a mompreneur. For today, let me share this recent piece from my series on my facebook fan page

It's called Andie Illust8tes and is an 8 week series game. I give a prompt word, fans give a suggestion word to go along with the prompt. I pick one to illustrate and show and tell, then a lucky fan chosen randomly from the entries gets a fabulous prize like an item from my store!
Become a fan and play today!!! I post the newest prompt on show and tell day (Fri.) but I am a little behind due to Thanksgiving, so the newest prompt will be tonight... Sunday!
Last week's creation is above!

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