Thursday, December 17, 2009

Top 5 Christmas Songs You Will Never Hear on the Radio!

Oh! I am so excited about this post! I love music! I am not an expert but I like what I like. And this Christmas we have been listening to the two local radio stations dedicated to Chrsitmas music when we are in the car (supplemented with our own MP3 player full of Christmas songs.) The songs they play on the radio are frankly atrocious most of the time. Except for the classics from Bing and Nat King Cole that we have all heard millions of times, the rest is awful. If I hear that stupid Wham song or the song from Elton John again, I think I am going to throw the biggest fruit cake I can find at my radio! So I have compiled my list of Top 5 Songs that I hope you have never heard, but will love as much as I do. Find them on itunes... buy them. They are amazing. If I did this correctly, the playlist should be at the sidebar so you can hear the songs. Here goes:

5. My Evergreen by Squirrel Nut Zippers
4. Christmas by Blues Traveler
3. Carolina Christmas by Squirrel Nut Zippers
2. Gabriel's Message by Sting
1. Christmas Must Be Tonight by The Band

Other notables:
Auld Lang Syne by Lou Rawls
Christmas is Coming by John Denver and the Muppets (so funny!)
Cool Yule by Louis Armstrong and the Commanders
Zat You Santa Claus? by Louis Armstrong


  1. I still like, Bing and Bowie's "Little Drummer Boy," although I'm not sure if it would break into the top five. Maybe an honorable mention. I have to agree with you on your top two. They are difinitely my favorites this season. I love the sincerity in The Band's song.

  2. Okay. The list definitely needs "When was Jesus Born?" by the Blind Boys of Alabama.