Friday, December 11, 2009

Whilrwind week... as usual!

Man this week flew by! Thursdays are the days I have dedicated to sharing new items from my shop. but I got so busy posting new items, I didn't share them! So this post is a Thursday post. I have added a lot of new items in an effort to get my shop fuller! Most of them were ones I have sold before, or had planned to sell right before closing my children's decor shop, Wowhouse Creative Boutique. Like the Claddagh Wall Hanging. I love this painting. It was always one of my favorites because it was so detailed and romantic. I hope you enjoy it too!

It is a giclee, with the personalization done by hand by me.

Also, one of my favorite additions this week has to be the Inner Diva cards! I took last week's illustration and made these spunky cards. And just to kick it up a bit, added hot pink and turquoise glitter. Ugg! I love glitter! They come in a beautiful box so that they are perfect for gift-giving. Today (Friday) is the day I am scheduled to share my Andie Illustr8tes piece of the week. I am working on it today, and hope I will wow everyone with it later tonight!

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