Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's Baaaaaaaack!

For anyone out there who has known me for several years, you know that I have had a few different entrepreneurial enterprises. As a graphic designer, I started off ten years ago just before the birth of my first son with my own little graphic design company. Yes, it was just me, and some might call it freelance, but I took it very seriously and created an award winning logo and identity suite for myself. Although all alone, I mostly worked for small businesses instead of just working for other design companies. I had a great time and working with these small clients, primarily working to make branding for them to help their business grow. Over time, my husband joined me as the writing half of the team and our company grew even more.

After a few years, we came up with the ultimate design project, a local family magazine that we started up creating the content, selling the product, running the show. As time went on, the magazine was sold to a larger company, and my hubby stayed with them as editor as I began pursuing my art/ illustration/ portraiture career.

That little design company was named Wowhouse Design. Well, since I have had some requests to do some new branding for small companies, and have been mulling around using my graphic design abilities at a different Etsy shop, I have decided to take the plunge and start a new Etsy shop creating stellar custom logos and adorable digital photo cards. For a while, the shop will be pretty sparse. I have a lot of other more pressing projects to take care of at this time. But this spring you can be sure to see some great Easter & spring photo cards for you to print at your local photo finisher (or Snapfish, or wherever) and custom logo packages for my fellow small business friends. I am excited to bring this other side of my personality back into the marketplace! Hope you are excited about it too!!!

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  1. Love the new version of the logo. Very classy.