Thursday, February 4, 2010

Looking for your opinion....yikes!

So, I have been struggling with a question for a little while and would, I NEED to hear your opinion!

I recently changed my shop banner from this...

to this...

because I am focusing my shop on more adult (less juvenile) items and more on my artwork/ art jewelry. So, I thought the new banner has more of an artsy/ edgy feel while maintaining some of the cute that was in the other. Someone suggested that my blog banner had more personality and I agreed. Now that I have changed my logo and banner, I am wondering if my target market (you) will respond to it as well. 

Let me know which you like better and why! I am too close to it to have really good perspective and I really want to know what you think!!!



  1. I definitely like the new one better, it's unique and more grown up. The first one although cute doesn't really show what you're about. Love it!!

  2. Thank you so much! I think between this and the posts on the Etsy critique forum, I feel more confident in my new banner! Thanks!

  3. Andie, I like the second one too - it shows more of how you make your beautiful art.