Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's been going on...Part Two

The other relief effort is To Haiti with Love.

To Haiti with Love is a project through AimeeAsher spearheaded by Tammy DeYoung. She generously asked artists to help create cards for this kit and 16 artists put in their effort and love to create 41 printable all occasion cards, envelopes, digital scrap kit and more. The best part is 100% of the proceeds (after paypal fees) will be given to Food for the Poor.  Visit http://www.foodforthepoor.org for more information about this charity and their work in Haiti. 

This kit is beautiful and full of cool stuff to use in your scrapbooks and for gift giving. I see this as a total win/win! You get to help the relief effort, but at the same time, a card is always at your fingertips when you need it. Just print it out, and use it! How many times have you needed a card and not had the time to run out and pick one out? This kit is a great tool for a busy mom.

There is more information about the kit at http://www.aimeeasher.com/shoppe/newproducts.php
Please go check it out today and support relief efforts for Haiti!

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