Monday, June 18, 2012

Big Kahuna Summer Sale...

Or The Help Me Clean Out My Studio Sale. Thanks everyone who submitted names for the big cleaning sale! The Big Kahuna stuck, and the sale is on! So, 18 paintings are posted in the sale right now, and more will be added tonight and tomorrow. These are DEEP DISCOUNTS! Not because I don't love these paintings, I do. I just would so like them to find a home.

In the process, I will find more space for new work which I need to do! My Etsy shop This Little Pigment will be offering less original art in the future. You will still find prints there and my pendants, of course. I will be cultivating my collection and offering original art at my domain Andie Freeman Art. You will find my pendants at both the Etsy shop and You can learn more about me and my process at this blog and keep in touch with me at my Facebook page. Got that? Good. I hope to see you a lot more.

So, back to the sale... it will be on until Saturday 6/23. I will feature a few different pieces on my Facebook page and my blog throughout the week. Please tell any art lovers you know and help me find lovely homes for these fabu paintings!!!

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